The Repairs

About TRGC

TRGC stands for The Repairs Group of Company own by a famous businessmen 'Mr. Fazal Imam' who is a well known entrepreneur in United Arab Emirates. Mr. Fazal has a vision to provide opportunities to the small Maintenance Service providing businesses to get groom without investing much on it. He has a simple mechanism that if you want to get more leads just get in touch with TRGC who is ensure to provide you the leads which you can convert them into your sell.

TRGC is currently operating in four countries and in 9 cities and providing work to our registered contractors. You can also become a part of TRGC's contractors list without any registration fees or any other charges. All you've to do is just to register your company with us by contacting us and within few days, you will start getting inquiries.

Our Vision

TRGC has came into being with a vision and mission to provide the maximum opportunity to the small businesses who are suffering to get the sell and to cover their expenses as they are not getting proper work. With our Digital presence over the internet, we have a strong websites and sources to grab the audiences who are looking for services.


Register your company today with TRGC by simply filling the registration form and enjoy the benefits and boost in sell.